Black Monolith

by EssPy

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I am studying Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University and this is a piece I made for my course. I set myself the task of creating a song that I could call my own sound as I never felt I had one. When I started, I made the track ‘Define’ which had an organic and natural sound to it. I really liked the sound of Define but I felt like I could make something which was truly ‘my sound’. For a while I was uninspired and I wasn’t liking any of the tracks I was working on. I experimented with different styles of music including drum and bass, hip hop and music with a more relaxed feel but I couldn’t make anything that I was happy to call mine. I then played a game called ‘Fez’ which I bought on xbox live arcade. The soundtrack to this game completely blew me away. The style of the soundtrack is ambient chiptune and was made by an artist called ‘Disasterpeace’. I used to make chiptune music a year or two ago; so I decided to revisit the genre, but this time with more ambient ideas. A little way into making the track, I decided to add a drum beat, and since I used to make and still am a fan of dubstep, I chose to draw from my dubstep influences. This took the track into a darker territory and I was very pleased with how it sounded. The vocal samples I used were taking from the last episode of the television series ‘Lost’. I soon realised that these samples contained spoilers for the show and I wasn’t comfortable releasing the track with them in because I love the show and didn’t want to ruin it for anyone else. Harry Shclotel ( suggested reversing the samples so that they were incomprehensible but still filled the spaces I wanted them to. And it worked so I could keep the samples in.




released October 5, 2012



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